Hapkido Blackbelt Raymond Strang

Raymound Strang

Ray Strang is an architect living with his wife and children near Stevensville, Maryland. He began studying Hapkido in 1979 with Master Joe Sheya, at his original dojon in Annapolis, Maryland. Despite breaks for marriage, children and retuning to school in Oregon, Hapkido has remained a stable source of peace and stability throughout a busy and joyful life. He finally earned his first Black Belt in 2006. This has opened many doors on the beauty of the higher Hapkido motions, and into a fascinating world of connection and effect.

Hapkido is called a “family art” because of its requirement for personal involvement and commitment. That is what Master Sheya’s school has offered over these many years; it has been a place of patience, learning and friendship.  I believe that it will continue to be a school both for those lessons as well as the martial arts.