Doug McKnew

Doug McKnew

Eighth degree black belt Doug McKnew was born in Annapolis, MD. Doug is in sales and has a variety of interests including: Reiki, massage, herbalism, meditation, weightlifting. He began his martial arts training by studying Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi Chuan, boxing and wrestling.

Doug realized he was looking for something else and found Rim's Hapkido in the phone book. He came to a class and as soon as he saw Hapkido he knew it was what he wanted. Doug likes the "full range of control Hapkido allows you and the spirituality associated with the art."

Doug began studying Hapkido in December of 1989. He was promoted to black belt instructor on April 20 1996, and promoted to eighth degree black belt, Master, on September 27, 2008. Doug is the instructor and manager of the Eastern Shore school.

Doug has been chosen to be Joe Sheya's inheritor.

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